Foster Homes Needed

There are many reasons we’d prefer to have a pet in a foster home instead of in the shelter: if it’s sick or injured, just received a vaccine and waiting for it to take effect; shelter is full; kittens and puppies under 8 weeks of age; elderly or timid dogs and cats that don’t do well in a busy and loud shelter environment.

Foster homes come in many shapes and sizes. Some can only do small dogs, some only kittens or puppies or nursing mamas. Some can help train and socialize timid dogs; some only for a few days, others are more long-term.

The year’s first litter of kittens will be born before we know it. The shelter becomes full with kittens of all ages and nursing mothers. If you have experience bottle feeding kittens, we especially need you.

Please fill out the below form if being a Foster is your calling. Thank you.