Donating items from our wish list greatly reduces our costs and ensures that all of our animals are well cared for.

PAWS Amazon Wish List.

For our dogs and cats:

Canned cat food

Clumping cat litter

Cat crates (large cat sized)

Used towels and hand towels (can be threadbare)

-Dog toys (non-stuffed, tough ones preferred)-Cat toys

-Dog and cat treats

-Dog and cat relaxing pheromone sprays

-Kuranda(R) dog beds

-Small litter boxes (no covers)

-Litter scoops

-Kongs of all sizes (recommended by Spots.com)

-Rawhide and raw meaty bones

-Puppy pads



For the building:

-Bleach (5.25% or stronger)

-Garbage bags (kitchen size)

-Simple Green cleaner

-Dishwasher detergent

-Laundry detergent

-Paper towels

-Toilet paper

-Latex or vinyl gloves

-Liquid hand-soap


For the office:

-Printer paper

-Printer ink (HP 564XL)

-Gas cards (for transports to spay/neuter clinics, etc)

-Gift cards to Costco, Walmart, Amazon