Shelter Manager

Please click this link for details of the job announcement and application:  SHELTER MANAGER


Title:  Shelter Manager

Job Summary:  Oversee shelter operations.

Supervisor:  Board President


  1. Treat all animals both on and off the job humanely.  You are a representative of the PHS/PAWS even when not at work.
  2. Follow all PHS/PAWS Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and protocols.
  3. Oversee day to day facility operations.
  4. Oversee all aspects of Shelter staff including: employment, assignments, supervision, evaluation and discipline.
  5. Facilitate transportation of all animals to/from shelter (including vets, foster homes, to other shelters, pet stores, and special events).
  6. Coordinate with office staff, website/social media contact, food distribution contact and others in regard to needed shelter supplies and staff needs.
  7. Ensure all new staff and volunteers are given training on animal care and shelter procedures using the PHS/PAWS Manual of Standard Operating Procedures.
  8. Review with Animal Care staff the status of animals in foster care.
  9. Monitor available space in shelter and assign animals to appropriate kennels and condos inside and outside the shelter in coordination with Animal Care staff.
  10. Ensure any monies received are receipted and routed according to treasurer’s specifications.
  11. Provide shelter report monthly to board (in writing or in person).
  12. Works with PHS Board to develop and maintain a strategic planning process with long-range and/or short-range goals and objectives.
  13. Must have knowledge of a computer, various printers, copy machine, fax machine, telephone, digital camera and credit card machine.
  14. Work during the day with some weekend and/or evening hours as needed.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned.